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Our Story



From the very beginning, I wanted to create something that was unique and important to me that incorporated my family (Last name Dart) and what I enjoy and love. I was so eager to create a DartFrog sticker that I cut this design out from black duck tape that I could then use to stick to the side of my dresser right by my bed

DartFrog logo created and paracord creations started to help with a unique way to have style meshed with the outdoors. Camping was always a family pass time and to incorporate into a usable tool that had a cool design that people would enjoy and be able to use.




Craft Beer, especially hoppy, became a passion of mine and I wanted to wear and share that passion with others. It started with not being able to find a simple Hat with a hop located on it. I talked with my brother who drew up a sketch that is now used as one of my main designs. 

Craft Beer, hops and a "Let's get hoppy" motto lead to I have a passion for delivering unique 'one of a kind' ideas and designs. I want to give back to the communities and support local craft beers. Its been a long time coming and I cannot wait for the future!


Design-2 (2).png

Let's Get


Have an Idea that you think would work in DartFrog creations? Send it to us and if it gets approved we will add it and send you your design for free!

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